SEO – Don’t forget about your collateral

There’s something people often forget about when doing SEO – search engine optimizing printable online collateral such as brochures, datasheets, or PowerPoint presentations.

PDFs and PPT files regularly appear in your Google search results along with web pages. Why? Google crawls PDFs and other file types and indexes them like web pages.

Why should you care?
Any PDF or PowerPoint presentation on your site can potentially effect your overall search results. Additionally, ANY ONE in your organization who produces brochures, documentation, presentations, or any other collateral you post to your site can impact your search results. It’s not just your web content people that have to be knowledgeable about search engine optimized content any more.

Negative Implications?
Depending on the key words used in a search, your competitor’s search optimized Widget instruction manual could come in above your poorly optimized whiz-bang Widget campaign landing page.

Positive Implications
You can really expand your overall search visibility by making sure all of the documents and collateral on your site adhere to basic principles for search engine optimized content. If you look at every document as a potential search result, you’re crazy not to make sure those docs are are optimized for specific key words or phrases.


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