Check me out – I’m officially a Certified Inbound Marketing Professional

Randy Burch Certified Inbound Marketing Professional
What’s Inbound Marketing? It’s a cost effective, customer friendly style of online marketing that focuses on using content to get found by the right customers at the very moment they are actively looking for your product or service.

It differs from traditional outbound marketing (like typical print and online display ads) that focuses on broadcasting a message of the company’s choosing – at the time they choose to send it – far and wide in the hopes that it will get noticed and resonate with a portion of the target audience at the time it is delivered. Simply put, Inbound Marketing is getting found by customers, and Outbound Marketing is us trying to find them.

The Inbound Marketing Certification acknowledges detailed understanding of inbound marketing principles and best practices including:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and web site analytics
  • Lead conversion, lead nurturing, and closed-loop analysis
  • Online and email marketing campaign building, optimization, and analysis
  • Business uses for blogging and social media
  • Before I could take the certification exam, I first had to complete 16 courses that cover the following topics:

  • How to Blog Effectively for Business
  • SEO Crash Course to Get Found
  • Social Media and Building Community
  • Successful Business Uses for Facebook and LinkedIn
  • Viral Marketing and World Wide Raves
  • Advanced SEO Tactics: On Beyond Keyword Research
  • Calls to Action and Landing Page Best Practices
  • Inbound Lead Nurturing
  • Successful Email Marketing
  • Midway Inbound Marketing Review
  • PR for Inbound Marketing
  • Twitter for Business
  • Advanced Marketing Analytics
  • Passion-Inspired Video & Other Creative Content
  • Social Media for Big Business
  • Internet Marketing Comprehensive Review
  • The courses are taught by several industry experts including Avinash Kaushik from Google, Chris Brogan from the New York Times, Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, and and Mitch Joel, author of Six Pixels of Separation. Although a good bit of it was recap of things I already knew and have been actively practicing, the prespective offered by the instructore was often times invaluable. It was a great program and I gained a lot from it.
    Did I mention that it’s free? Check out the Certified Inbound Marketing Professional Certification


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