Trending the “Marketing Trends” Lists

Top Marketing Trends 2010I’ve combed the internet (well about five pages of Google SERPs, anyway) for “Top 10 Marketing Trends for 2010” lists to get an idea of what kinds of marketing trends exist among the “Trends” lists. It’s pretty clear that not only have the methods we use to reach our audience changed, but also that at those methods continue to evolve in the face of ever-changing consumer preferences and technologies.

What kinds of preferences? Things like the new ability to propagate the Facebook “Like” button and other tools like it across the internet. This little button reinforces a clear fact. Your customers are also your critics, and can exert influence over every aspect of your brand.

Here’s the list. Items are in no particular order.

Marketing trends for 2010:

Expect the customer voice to get louder and louder in 2010. Google Sidewiki is just one example of this, where Google enables the website visitor to leave comments on ANY website for others to view. A

Successful companies will strategize to monitor the digital landscape, listen to the customer voice and actively engage with customers.

The euphoria of social media marketing will turn into a hangover, followed by the epiphany that social media is just one tool, and the path to success is paved with a comprehensive inbound marketing strategy, not using individual tools. (@MVolpe)

Fortune 500 CEOs are warning vendors that Outbound Marketing is annoying.

Consumers will get even better at blocking out advertisements, email blasts, and cold calls.

Consumers will get even better at finding what they want in Google, blogs, and social media sites.

Google’s growth will stall as Adwords becomes an “efficient” market.

Traditional advertising (tv, newspaper, radio) will shrink faster than in 2009.

Companies will start turn their marketing departments into production studios for creating content.

Companies will be even more transparent and even more authentic.

The position of Content Director will be critical to any marketing department as they try to leverage existing resources (ie human, digital, content assistants) to communicate with prospects and customers.

Content marketing will become the first priority of top B2B marketers because of its powerful role in positioning, lead generation & nurturing, social media, and organic search.

The focus and investment on SEO will increase sharply as B2B marketers seek to leverage content marketing across multiple search channels.

B2B marketers will struggle to source people who can write well and effectively package content marketing.

The pursuit of thought leadership positioning and long-tail search will drive a sharp increase in multi-author corporate blogging.

While advertising has often sought to distinguish itself and stop the consumer in their tracks with a disruptive “big idea,” the emphasis is now shifting toward persuasion through fitting organically into the consumer’s social sphere. It will always be the objective of marketing to provide creativity and novelty, but the way in will increasingly be one of persistence and continuity.

With pragmatic, convenience-loving consumers enjoying instant access to an ever-growing number of supporting services and tools (both offline and online), brands urgently need to hone their ‘butlering skills‘*, focusing on assisting consumers to make the most of their daily lives, versus the old model of selling them a lifestyle if not identity.

The most successful businesses in 2010 are going to be those that integrate their marketing efforts. Consumers and business buyers simply want to buy something, or solve a problem, or achieve a goal. They do not differentiate between online and offline like marketers tend to do. So in 2010 it will be important for businesses to understand this critical point about their customers and start aligning with the actual purchase process, which is much more of a holistic, messy, zig-zag process rather than a sterile straight line with one message, one call-to-action and one “buy now” click.


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