How to Import Your LinkedIn Connections to G+

If you didn’t already know, you can easily import your LinkedIn contacts to G+.

First, export your LinkedIn connections. LinkedIn gives you the capability to easily export your connections to a CSV file. On LinkedIn, click on the ‘Contacts’ link at the top navigation bar. Next, click on ‘Export Connections’ link near the bottom-center of the page and export the CSV file.

Next – Import your connections to your Google account. Go to your Gmail account and click on ‘Contacts’. Then click the ‘More Options’ button and select ‘Import…’ Just follow the on-screen instructions and you’re done in two minutes – tops. I recommend importing your contacts to a new group called LinkedIn so you can keep things organized.

Once you’ve finished the import, go to your G+ account and you’ll have access to all of your LinkedIn connections. It’s that easy.

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